Ensure you visit the auction in the Memorial Library from 10am-1.45pm on March 10th.

All bidding will end at 1.45pm

Winners will be announced by 2:30pm - so let the kids stay to play and wait to see what you have won.

Please let us know if you have tickets, vacation homes, products, services that you could donate toward this great cause.

Teacher Treasured Experiences

Fun Activities with your child's teacher such as movie & popcorn party, teacher for the day, makerspace time, make your own sundae, pizza party, super science experience, and more!!! 

Week of Summer Camp at Hale Reservation

Value $500

Old Celtics Big 3

Value $550

Disney Park Hopper Tickets

4 Park Hopper Tickets 

Value $648

Fox 25 Private Studio Tour

Private tour for up to 5 people
Value - Priceless

Ride in Medfield Police Car to school

With Chief Meany

Learn to play Hockey

3 Lessons

Value $450

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