Winter Carnival Team Details

Winter Carnival Co-Chairs -2 Volunteers

Seeking organized leaders to oversee planning process of the carnival from beginning to end


  • Fill out BUILDING USE FORM at Town Hall to hold space for the event (by June of previous year)

  • Work with PTO board to confirm all positions on the committee are filled; recruit as necessary

  • Attend PTO meetings at Memorial and Wheelock to give updates

  • Arrange and run all meetings 

    • Attend subcommittee meetings as necessary and/or follow up with emails to stay informed of developments and needs

  • Maintain contacts for Corporate Sponsorship in a google doc

  • Make sure solicitations for Corporate Sponsorships get sent out in a timely manner (Follow up if necessary)

    • Keep track of incoming donations/deposits

  • Book police detail from 10-3 pm on the day of the carnival


Booth Committee - 3 Volunteers

  • Need energetic and creative thinkers to work as a fun team to plan a kid’s giant party! This team will be responsible for planning the booth games and coming up with fun new games & prize ideas.

  • In the past this team has been split into the following 3 responsibilities:

    • The Purchaser; purchase all the prizes & arrange rental company contract

    • The Game Coordinator; check all booth instructions, ensure all games have the correct pieces required (in shed & borrow items). Work with the Custodians & Memorial Admin. to confirm booth logistics & locations. Pull together the Carnival Map.

    • The Donation Coordinator; responsible for communicating to parents via Thursday packet, website, posters & newsletter for Treasures and raffle donations at each school & other locations around town. Write to companies for prize donations. Collect and sort out all prize donations regularly during the lead up to the Winter Carnival.


WC Volunteer Coordinator

  • This person needs spreadsheet knowledge, patience & good organizational skills. This person will work closely with the Booth Committee to understand volunteer requirements per booth. They will be responsible for communicating with all the Room Parents & town wide community groups to coordinate the volunteers required for the Carnival. 


Publicity Coordinator

  • This person will work with all teams involved with the Winter Carnival to pull together all the publicity to promote the Carnival.

  • This involves updating: lawn signs, sandwich boards, posters, website & newsletters. This person will work closely with the town wide PTO Communications Team to work on local newspaper coverage, Thursday packet details, Patch, Facebook etc. 


Prize Palace Coordinator


  • This person works in conjunction with the Medfield Madness Coordinator to organize the prize room.

  • This involves: Taking stock of inventory of prizes in the shed, seeking out and ordering new prizes, deciding on stamp value of prizes, organizing Prize Palace at set up, overseeing the running of the room on the day of the carnival.


Mail-Merge Coordinator


  • This volunteer must have strong word processing skills and a working knowledge of the use of google docs and mail merge.

  • This job involves: Merging contacts from our database (on google.doc) to send out copies of solicitation letters to corporations and silent auction donors in early January. Costs for paper, envelopes, and postage are reimbursed through the treasurer. This person is also responsible for sending thank you’s to the same contacts after the carnival.  This job requires no meetings and can be easily done by someone who works full time.


Treasury- Prior tickets and deposits


  • This position is best filled by a volunteer that can get to Memorial and Wheelock when necessary during the school day to pick up ticket orders and checks. This person also needs to be present on the day of the carnival.

  • This job involves:  Ordering rolls of tickets to be used as currency at the carnival, depositing checks as they come in (corp. donations, raffle, ticket sales etc.) and tracking each deposit on an income tracking sheet to be given to the treasurer, contacting principals at both schools to distribute Angel Tickets, filling all orders for advanced ticket sales in the two weeks leading up to the carnival, and delivering those orders back to the schools.  It is advised this volunteer also be present at set up the day before the carnival to sell advanced tickets, as well as the day of the carnival to oversee the ticket booth volunteers.